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We are a football team formed by a group of passionate and energetic Occupational Therapists in Hong Kong. This is the forum for the football team ONLY. For further information about Occupational Therapy, please go to
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 suspension of HKOTA FC

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注冊日期 : 2007-10-22

發表主題: suspension of HKOTA FC   23/5/2011, 04:30

Dear players,

On behalf of the Exco of HKOTAFC, the activities of all HKOTAFC will be suspended from 1 April 2011 due to major withdrawal of players from the team. we wish that there will be another oportunity to resume the club activities...players or interested who wish to continue soccer playing , please contact Eddy Lo thro' face book for further arrangement.

thank you and with best wishes...

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suspension of HKOTA FC
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